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4 Features to Look for in a Pair of Polarized Fishing Glasses

3 Things to Look for in a Pair of Fishing Glasses

As a fisherman, you know that polarized fishing sunglasses are essential gear. They allow better visual clarity by reducing glare and offer UV protection. When you’re out on the water from dawn till dusk – whether you’re trying your hand in the shallows or on the deep blue sea – you need a pair of polarized fishing sunglasses that can hold their own against the elements and to keep your eyes safe. But what does that look like? What does a high-quality pair of polarized fishing sunglasses have that a standard, run-of-the-mill pair doesn’t?

Look for these four features in your next pair of quality polarized fishing sunglasses.

1. Polarized Fishing Sunglasses that Offer Safety Protection for Your Eyes

Polarized fishing sunglasses block out the sun’s ultraviolet or UV rays from damaging your eyes. Let’s take it further by adding shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that meet the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute for safety glasses (ANSI Z87.1), which means the optical quality and durability are both outstanding. The polarized Babe Winkelman Editions are made with these quality features. So, when your lure is snagged and it snaps back hitting your sunglasses, you will have complete confidence that your eyes are protected. Any serious sportsman should have a pair.

Check out our polarized Babe Winkelman Edition sunglasses here.

What to Look for in the Perfect Pair of Polarized Fishing Glasses
Babe Winkelman Edition 1 Sunglasses

2. Polarized Fishing Sunglasses that Adapt to Your Lighting Conditions

While a pair of standard polarized sunglasses might be great for the average wearer, you might want something that offers a little more. What might that something be? Well in addition to polarized lenses, look for photochromatic lenses. Photochromatic lenses are lenses that change from light to dark depending on how much they are exposed to sunlight. This adaptive change will allow you full use of your polarized sunglasses from sun up to sun down. They are the ultimate 24 Hour polarized eyewear for the fisherman.

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What to look for in the Perfect Pair of Polarized Sunglasses
Photochromatic Sunglasses: Islanders D2D

3. Polarized Fishing Sunglasses that let Nothing Block Your Vision

Regardless of what type of fishing you do, you’re bound to get wet. When the fish of a lifetime is on the line, you don’t want to be worried about rubbing water from your eyes. Fortunately, with Repelon™ polarized sunglasses (also known as hydrophobic polarized sunglasses) you won’t need to. Repelon™ polarized sunglasses have a special coating on their lenses that repels water, sweat, and dust. They require less cleaning, attract less dust and any water that does land on the lenses is likely to run off instead of sticking and spreading out (causing visual impairment). If you want to stay in visual control of any situation, you need Repelon™ lenses.

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Four Features to Look for in the Perfect Pair of Fishing Sunglasses
Repelon® Sunglasses: Daytona 1 GTB

4. Polarized Fishing Sunglasses that Float so You Have no Worries

If you have ever had a pair of sunglasses float slowly to the bottom of an ocean or lake, you know how horrible it is. You’re blind for the rest of the day, you’re irritated, and the next time you go fishing, you’re more worried about losing what’s on your face than you are about losing what’s on the line. Thankfully, there are high-quality fishing sunglasses out there that come with this assurance – they float. Stop spending money replacing your sunglasses, and get a pair that is designed with the sports enthusiast in mind.

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Four Features to look for in a pair of Polarized Sunglasses
Floating Sunglasses: Floating 6 GR

Where Can You Find a Pair of Polarized Fishing Sunglasses That has These Features?

Here at BluWater® Polarized a brand of Global Vision®we have multiple pairs of polarized sunglasses that have different combinations of these features. We’ll help you find the perfect pair depending on your needs, and the best part is, you aren’t going to break the bank buying them. We sell our polarized fishing sunglasses at a fair price and at an amazing quality. You can see all of our outdoor polarized sunglasses here.

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