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Motorcycle Goggles: Finding the Best Pair for You

Motorcycle Goggles: Finding the Best Pair for You

There are many types of motorcycles that an individual can purchase. To handle the tough off-road terrain, you would want an adventure or dual-sports bike. A need for speed, you’re probably going to choose a sports bike. Looking to take the long ride across the states to see the country, you would invest in the relaxing ride of a cruiser.

Each type of bike has different strengths and weaknesses. What you need in a motorcycle will affect the type you choose. The same goes for motorcycle goggles. There are many features a pair of goggles can have, but you’re looking for a pair that has the specific features you need.

So how do you choose a pair? Well, ask yourself where you fit when it comes to the three categories below.

Motorcycle Goggles that Offer Protection

Every goggle out there is going to offer a level of protection regarding wind and rubble. But a rider who spends his days on dirt roads, kicking up pebbles, and cruising through nature’s elements is going to need a little more protection than a guy who sticks to freshly paved roads.

Now, if you’re the off-road type of biker, you’re going to want something with thick frames, that offers protection of not just the eye, but the area surrounding it. Your best bet is a safety motorcycle goggle with a shatterproof, anti-scratch lens; something like the Big Ben A/F’s or the Wind-Shield A/F.

If you are more like our “freshly paved streets” rider, you might go for something sleek and stylish like the goggles in our Eliminator series or a more standard pair of over-the-glasses motorcycle sunglasses like the Outfitter 24 A/F’s. These pairs are going to offer a lot of eye protection for the rider.

Motorcycle Goggles: Finding the Best Pair for You
Big Ben A/F’s: Protective Motorcycle Goggles with polycarbonate lenses and a scratch-resistant coating.

Motorcycle Goggles that Offer Visibility

When you’re riding in a car, you can turn on your windshield wipers to remove the rain, turn on your defroster to clear up the fog, and put on a pair of standard sunglasses if you’re driving into the sun. For us bikers, the job isn’t so easy. If you’re riding with a pair of goggles that aren’t equipped to deal with the elements, your daily ride could turn into a nightmare.

So, what should you look for when it comes to visibility? Well it depends on the weather that you ride, but ideally, you want a pair of goggles that has one or more of these three traits:

  1. Photochromatic
  2. Ventilation
  3. Anti-Fog

“Photochromatic” is a five-dollar word that (in the motorcycle goggle business) means the goggle’s lenses darken or lighten according to existing lighting conditions. This offers you more protection when riding on days when UV levels are high. In other words, photochromatic goggles give you visibility when the sun is shining right in your eyes. No matter what kind of rider you are, having a little extra protection from the sun is always a good idea.

Ventilation is extremely important when it comes to goggles. Why? It helps fight moisture build-up on the lenses. When the hot air between the lens and your face meets the cold air on the outside of your goggles, moisture forms on the inside of your lenses, blocking your view. To disperse this moisture, the air between your face and lenses needs to match the temperature of the air outside. The easiest way to make this match happen is through ventilation. A good pair of motorcycle goggles will have vents for letting in air on the top, bottom, and sides to ensure that your vision is never blocked.

“Anti-Fog” is a term I’m sure you’re familiar with. In fact, you’re probably thinking, “didn’t we just talk about fighting fog through ventilation?” We did, but there is another way motorcycle goggles resist fog. Anti-fog goggles have what is called a hydrophilic coating on their lenses. This coating absorbs and disperses moisture through the lens to ensure that your vision isn’t blocked by large water droplets. Instead, a transparently-thin sheet of moisture covers your lens, not blocking your site at all. So, if you ride in dramatic changing temperatures, definitely consider goggles that have an anti-fog coating.

Motorcycle Goggles: Finding the Perfect Pair for You
Eliminator 24’s: Photochromatic Motorcycle Goggles with lenses that transform according to light conditions.

Motorcycle Goggles that Feel Great

Comfort isn’t always the first thing on your mind when it comes to a pair of goggles, but if you are wearing them every day, you’re going to want a pair that is comfortable, which is to say you are going to want a pair you hardly notice.

Personal preference is going to decide which goggle style you are going to love to use. In general, however, whether you are riding every day or going on a long trip, foam-padded motorcycle goggles are a good way to go. You’ll get the security that comes with a snug-fitting pair, without the tightness or chafing.

Adventure Motorcycle Goggles: Comfortable motorcycle goggles containing soft airy foam and side venting to prevent fogging.

Still Don’t Know the Type of Goggles You Need?

Not interested in scouring the web to find a goggle that has every single thing you’re looking for, don’t. Here at Global Vision, we are a one-stop shopping experience with a wide selection of goggles to choose from. If you still have questions you can contact one of our Eyewear Consultants for more information on what would be best for you.

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