Polarized Readers For The Beach and Beyond

Global Vision Polarized Readers have a unique, versatile design that makes them perfect for
the beach, the pool, and the living room couch.

Polarized Lenses

Our readers come with a pair of polarized lenses that contain a special filter. This filter blocks reflected light, giving you the glare-protection you need when reading in sunny weather.

Magnetic Frames

Embedded with tiny-yet-powerful magnets, the frames of our readers and polarized lenses easily click together, so you can switch from indoor to outdoor use with ease.


Ranging from 1.5x to 3.0x, our glasses will provide the visual boost you need for comfortable reading.

Available in:

Available in 5 Incredible Colors

Our frames are coated in a polycarbonate gloss finish that comes in black, blue, tortoiseshell, grey,
or red, so you can find a pair that matches your individual style.

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